Unique Pricing

We operate a transparent pricing structure. We do not want to hide any costs from the landlord.

Our pricing

There is an annual retainer fee of £500 per property.

Time spent managing each property is charged at £36 per hour. Time is rounded to the nearest 15 minutes at the end of each month.

All prices are excluding VAT, which is charged at 20%.

The retainer fee covers an annual meeting with the landlord, tenants and time spent on administration including preparing an information pack on each property. This is carried out each year to ensure all information is up to date. This fee also reflects the on-call aspect of being available for tenants’ property emergencies.

Some of our properties require as few as 5 hours of management per year. We would expect to spend approximately 10-15 hours per year managing an average 2 bedroom property.

Payment Terms

The retainer fee is payable up front annually. Hours worked will be invoiced quarterly or in ten-hour tranches, whichever occurs sooner.